Natural Goodness Worth Wagging About
We Love Happy Dogs
• Wagables makes Lifestyle Products dogs love best!
• Wagables is committed to providing safe, innovative products to enhance your life with your dog.
• We are Team Wagables and we appreciate your trust!
Innovative Products
• We make quality products to improve the lifestyle of all dogs!
• All of our treat-products provide safe, nourishing, USA made goodness to your dog.
• Our new Treat ‘n Play programmable toy and treat dispenser lets you provide toys and treats to your dog - while you’re away!
Natural Goodness
• Our goal is the same as yours: provide thoughtful care and healthy nutrition for your dog because they are part of your family.
• That's what you get with our dog treats, delicious treats made to enhance your pet's health and wellness.
• We only put all natural ingredients into our treats – only the best for our dogs!
Protein Rocks!
• Our Wagables Selects Treats are made with the finest, all-natural ingredients in USA facilities.
• Dogs love protein and we believe in giving them what they love.
• All our treat recipes include animal protein as the first ingredient and it’s only USA farm raised protein.
You're Not Alone!
• Are you a Pet Parent that loves your dog, well you know, like a child?
• Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Wagables was founded by Pet Parents who believe our dogs are an important part of the family.
• Share your story (and your dog's) with us - we’d love to hear from you!
We Can't Wait To Play!
• Introducing the Treat ‘n Play by Wagables!
• The Treat ‘n Play System is a programmable Toy and Treat Dispenser that works with specialized designed Treat ‘n Play toys and treats.
• Keeps dogs active and entertained by releasing Treat ‘n Play treat-filled toys while you’re away.